Studio area 75㎡ / All area 約80㎡

Five different shooting zones are named for the music genre. You can shoot different images according to your needs. There is also a partition if you want to use each zone separately, or you can book the whole room and hold gigs, events and seminars. It is fully equipped with speakers, projectors, mixers and switchers. It can be used flexibly for from live streaming broadcasts and also for the fan events for 30 people.


The Techno Zone: An authentic studio that has white, black and green background screens. Recommended for artist and model photography that need a sophisticated feeling.

The metal zone:  The black floor of the striped steel plate is impressive.  Recommended when you want to shoot with a hard and cool image.

The country zone:  You’ll get a café in the countryside feeling. Recommended for acoustic guitar performance and laid back interview programs.


The pop zone: With white sofas on the red floor, recreates the atmosphere of a bar or club. Recommended for music videos  for DJs and promotional videos of next generation instruments.


The rock zone: Decorated with red furniture and equipment, is a unique space that you can’t find in other studios. Recommended for those who want a unique and artistic atmosphere.

Guitar pick-shaped chairs will welcome you at the entrance. A Japanese-style floor with gravel can also be used for shooting!


A 50m2 rooftop can also be used for shooting. Recommended for PV shooting in a clear sky or cloudy sky.

*Price depends on the projects.
*Regular user can get a discount.

Weekday (MON-FRI)

8-11am 11am-5pm 5-9pm
5 ZONES ¥6,000 ¥7,000 ¥11,000
ROOF TOP ¥3,000  ¥4,000 -
6h Pack 8am-2pm
ONE DAY ¥70,000


8-11am 11am-5pm 5-9pm
5 ZONES ¥6,000 ¥10,000 ¥10,000
ROOF TOP ¥3,000  ¥4,000 -
6h Pack 8am-2pm
ONE DAY ¥75,000

The displayed amount is the amount per hour (excluding tax).
Reservations are accepted from 2 hours.
You can enter the room 5 minutes before the reservation.
ROOF TOP can be reserved only for STUDIO customers.

Regarding payment:
After confirming the bank transfer, your reservation will be confirmed.

About cancellation fee:
Cancellation up to one week before is free. We receive 50% within one week.


blackmagic pocket 4k ¥2000
Panasonic Lumix GH5 ¥2000
Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark2 ¥1000
ZOOM Q2n 4K ¥500
LED Panel (M) ¥500
LED Panel (S) ¥300
BenQ DLP Projector EW800ST ¥1500
Video Switcher Roland VR-4HD ¥3000
Speaker YAMAHA Stagepas 1K ¥1000



Gibson 335 ¥2000
Fender TC DELUXE ¥1000
Fender Acoustic Guitar ¥500
Fender Kingman™ C USA ¥2000
Ovation Ukulele ¥500
Microphones ¥500
Amps ¥1000