Here are the exhibitions currently being held.


"KRIPTON-High-level sound created by traditional and modern technologies-"

We display audio and accessories of Japanese audio maker KRIPTON. AMP UP is the only spot in Tokyo where you can listen to the compact near-field audio KS-55, sold exclusively on the web.  KS-55 won the gold prize at VGP 2019, the largest audiovisual award in Japan. 


The KS-9Multi + is a new flagship model of the KS series that has won numerous audio awards! Compatible with high-resolution multimedia (MQA / MQA-CD / DSD / linear PCM). USB input compatible with 192kHz / 24bit PCM and DSD playback. It also has an optical digital input and an HDMI input, and can be connected directly to a Blu-ray player for playback. Exhibiting in the AMP UP The Techno Zone.
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KS-55 high-quality active speaker with Bluetooth A palm-sized small speaker that does not take up space. A small but big killer!
An overwhelming quality that has won major audio awards and is praised by the audio industry. ■ Bring together the technology and know-how cultivated by Krypton.
■ Supports 192kHZ / 24bit high-resolution file playback.
■ New DDC / DSP / Full digital amplifier configuration condensing and combining the latest digital technologies
■ Equipped with the world's first 24-bit Bluetooth codec "Qualcomm® aptX ™ HD" as a separate type SP
■ Compact body of KS series minimum (height) which does not interfere with PC side.
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The dynamic compact speaker KX-0.5 is a two-way, two-speaker sealed system bookshelf. It is finished with high-grade smoked eucalyptus (natural wood) and has a high-class appearance that is as competitive as sound. Exhibited in the AMP UP the country zone.

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Accessories to achieve high performance and high sound quality are also exhibited! You can also try out KRIPTON's flagship model HR power box PB-HR2000 and HR power box PB-HR1000, which have a more reliable name in the power supply field as they have the alias of "power supply kripton".
Learn more更に高音質を目指す方には、HRシルキー電源ケーブルPC-HR1000M-Triple Cもオススメ。

You can also try accessories such as the contact modifier SETTEN CI-KS5.
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We are also looking for artists who want to display their works! Why do not you display your work on the large panels located on the left and right of AMP UP? Opportunities for people of various genres, including the audio and musical instrument industry, musicians, and overseas customers, to know about the work! Sale is also possible.

WHITE PANEL:H 160cm x W 390cm x 1
BLACK PANEL: H 160cm x W 182cm x 2